Here at Prestige, we know that storing your food can be just as important as preparing and serving it. Designed to handle situations where freezers simply aren’t enough, cold rooms are ideal for large-scale catering environments. Practical, accessible and adjustable, the right cold room can make all the difference to your kitchen.

We supply and install a range of cold rooms and refrigeration options complete with tailored storage and shelving. In addition to our range of cold rooms in set sizes, we offer bespoke cold rooms built to your exact specifications.

Temperature Regulation

Monitor systems with alerts to your phone.
We offer a system that can integrate with an app that will let you monitor the efficiency and temp of your cold room live at any time so you know your produce is safe.

Designed Bespoke Refrigeration Rooms To Fit Your Space

Fitting a cold room in to your business premises can be a tricky business with buildings being a variety of shapes and sizes, our design team will work around the space you have to bespoke fit a cold room facility within your space.

Energy Efficiency

With increasing utility costs it is key to ensure your refrigeration systems are A grade efficient and maintained correctly for the lowest possible overheads. Newer cold room facilities all comply to government and environmental efficiency standards.

Cold Room Installation

Our team will work around you for the full spec, design and installation of a cold room ensuring a smooth transition and no interruption in your business.

Space Saving Racking Solutions

Making the most of your cold room we can fit it out with bespoke designed racking to suit whatever produce you plan on storing.

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