Combi ovens offer a combination of cooking methods: steam, convection or both. Modern, versatile and powerful, this type of oven is becoming an increasingly popular piece of equipment within commercial kitchens. It’s this versatility that means the ovens are so useful in such a wide range of environments.  Combi ovens work well in restaurants, pubs and takeaway shops, where space can be limited, as well as in huge kitchens which need to constantly run at high capacities, in schools and universities for example. 

These types of ovens range in both size and function. Smaller ovens are available for compact kitchens, or even countertop use, right up to huge standalone ovens that can produce up to 500 meals per day. Some offer the three types of cooking with a range of simple programmes whilst others are incredibly advanced and can even recognise the food being put inside and cook it accordingly. Some ovens can also connect to an app, meaning you can operate it remotely. Whichever oven you choose, Prestige will install it as well as offering complete training to ensure your staff can make the most of the oven’s functions and features.

Rational Logo 225x75

Rational SCC101E 

The Rational SelfCookingCenter 101E is a superb addition to a professional kitchen. With intelligent self-cooking technology, it can save on energy, water, time and space. This particular model can sense the weight of food and offers ideal cooking conditions to the user. It can even become familiar with particular chef’s preferences, With seven operating modes, this oven can deliver between 80 and 150 meals per day.

Rational CMP101E 10 

The Rational CombiMaster Plus Electric 10 is fantastically easy to use. The oven is quick, reliable and can effortlessly produce superb results, delivering up to 150 meals a day. It features a large LED illuminated control panel for clear visibility across larger kitchens. The oven features 100 cooking programmes as well as an automatic cleaning system for a hygienic clean. 

Rational SCC101E
The Rational CombiMaster Plus Electric 10

Rational ovens feature the unique cooking intelligence system: iCookingControl®

iCookingControl® learns your preferences and cooking habits, and adjusts its controls to meet your needs. You won’t need to do any more checking or monitoring, and you can rely on the fact that everything will come out exactly the way you want it.

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Convotherm 10.10 C4ET10.10EB easyTouch

The Convotherm combines easy-to-use technology with an extensive range of features and gives remarkable results. With a sleek exterior, the oven is ideal for front-of-house use. It’s disappearing door saves on space too. The oven features a massive 399 cooking profiles and runs at a relatively low cost, making it an excellent choice economically.

Convotherm 10.10 C4ED10.10EB easyDial

With easy-to-operate manual controls, the Convotherm 10.10 easyDial gives chefs control and allows flexibility within a combination oven. The oven’s attractive exterior and space-saving disappearing door makes it ideal for use in front-of-house or in more confined kitchens. You’ll find 99 cooking profiles and an optional automatic cleaning system too.

Convotherm 10.10 C4ET10.10EB easyTouch
Convotherm easyDial

Watch below to see how the new Convotherm 4 has been designed around your needs in the kitchen. The two control-panel designs – easyTouch and easyDial – give you the degree of control you need:

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