There are lots of different types of equipment on the market, we understand that kitchens need to flow to suit not only the staff working in them, but also the type of cuisine that will be prepared in them. Ultimately, this comes down to the design of the kitchen and its layout, so we work with your team to create the optimal design to match their needs. Then we can spec the kitchen out with equipment to meet any budget without compromising on quality.

Let’s have a look through each of the standard types of equipment that are used in a commercial kitchen:

Commercial Ovens – Combi-Ovens, Multi Level, Rational

Popular at the moment are multi-level cooking ovens such as those made by Rational ( and Convotherm. The reason these ovens are so popular is their versatility, allowing cooking at different temperatures at different levels, as well as automated functions and app capabilities. These are now cornering the market and can be found in any modern kitchen.


Grills – Single, Double, Triple Grill, Griddles

Grills come in several types with some designed to give a char (chargrill), typical in steakhouses, burger places and pubs. On the other hand, we have flat plate griddles which are used for even and thorough cooking but without giving the char effect. Our grills can go from 300mm wide up to 1200mm for handling larger quantities of grill cooking.

Hobs – Induction/Gas

At the moment, the industry is moving towards the use of induction hobs rather than gas hobs. This is driven by environmental efficiency as well as cost saving due to the rising price of gas. They’ll also heat up very quickly and give off no excess heat, meaning you’ll not only save money on bills but also that working conditions within the kitchen will be more comfortable. Typically, the number of burners on a hob is between two and eight and we can install multiple hobs to suit the kitchen size.


Electrical or gas fryers and their use in the kitchen today is becoming increasingly strict with the need to separate foods due to customers’ dietary requirements. For example, cooking all gluten free food separately to others or vegan food away from meats and dairy. This can mean that more than one fryer is needed, even in smaller kitchens. We tend to supply Falcon, Blueseal and Lincat fryer units with a range features for our customers.


Cold Room Storage and Localised Refrigeration Equipment

Cold storage of produce is vital in any establishment. If your site operation requires storage of a large amount of produce, then a cold room might be required. For more general day to day keeping of fresh food, we can install localised refrigeration such as upright cabinet fridges and various prep counter fridges including compartment draws. Installing energy efficient and more modern refrigerators can ensure that cost efficiency is key when it comes to utilities usage.



No matter what you’re producing within your kitchen, an area for dishwashing is essential. Kitchen size and kitchen layout will play a part in deciding how much space to devote to your dishwasher or dishwashing area. MaidAid or Winterhalter dishwashers are our brands of choice.

We can supply anything from a single under counter unit to a pass through style washer and even a full sized conveyor rack system for dealing with higher quantities.


Misc Equipment

Work Stations – Stainless steel benches.

Servery Counters

Dry Stores

Canopy Extraction Units


All of the above need to be taken into consideration when assembling a plan for a kitchen. Our project management team can help with selecting the correct equipment to meet your needs, as well integrating them into an efficient kitchen layout design. We work with quality manufacturers to ensure that we only recommend the best equipment that will serve you and your business day in day out for its entire lifespan.


A key part of keeping your equipment in good working order is regular maintenance which will help most problems before they arise.. For the occasions when something does go wrong, our PPM contracts ensure the problem if solved quickly and efficiently. We’ll get out a Prestige engineer to attend to the problem with minimal fuss and downtime from the business.

If you would like any further information on the equipment we can supply then head over to our equipment page or get in touch with the team and we’ll be happy to help.